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Advertising & Decoration Printing Fabric

As one of the professional banner fabric manufacturers, JC Media has been delivering quality, exceptional functionality, and reliable digital printing textile solution, that command attention and motivate people with an extensive inventory of items ready to ship. You can depend on getting the banner fabric you need quickly.

Explore Advertising & Decoration Textile Solutions

Advertising & Decoration Printing Textile Solutions refer to the various methods and techniques used to print advertisements, branding, and decorative elements onto textiles. These solutions involve utilizing advanced printing technologies and equipment to apply designs, logos, images, and patterns onto fabrics for promotional, marketing, or aesthetic purposes.


Expertise, creativity and a pioneering innovative edge have made JC Media a leading international canvas art company for textile products. Our passion for the product and close relationship with the customer ensures the success of our consultancy service. Know-how, innovative strength and technical equipment enable the targeted development of products and holistic solutions for specific applications. This gives us a unique position within the market.

About JC Media

Shandong Jiacheng Digital Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. With specialized knowledge, innovation and technology,Jiacheng Digital has established the brand "JC Media ”—a leading canvas art company in the digital textile industry. 

High performance, artistry and sustainability are required at every step of the production process, as well as for the products themselves, JC Media provides unparalleled banner fabric concepts for its customers worldwide.

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