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JC Media All-round Advertising & Decoration Fabric Solution

From advertising to home décor,JC Media specializes in all types of digital material production processes, printing techniques and quality standards that can meet all your needs.

  • Go-to-market faster with new designs

  • No stock needed—print on demand 

  • Differentiate with high-end, luxury collections 

  • Reach a new level of production efficiency

  • Ideal for proofing and sampling on a wide variety of media 

  • Create an advantage with shorter design-to-manufacturing time 

  • Innovate and increase creativity with printed applications

Inkjet Fabric Sheets

100% Certification request for our co-operated companies. 99% of the products are PVC Free

Inkjet Printable Fabric

99% of the products weigh less than 300gsm, which can increase transportation efficiency and reduce carbon emission.

Inkjet Fabric

99.9% of the products are water-based coating, no harmful and toxic gas is released during the display process.

Printed Treasures Fabric Sheets

50 items use recyclable material

30 items made from recycled material

100+ Products will be made from recycled yarn till 2023.

Biodegradable item is coming in 2022 Create recycle system with environmental protection organization

Fabric Advertisement

Water Saving Solution Systerm

100% Wastewater treatment

90% Water Saved than before

99% Waterbase coating techonolgy

30% Products used solar energy production

Printable Fabric Sheets

99.9% of the products design compatible withwater-based environmental printing technology that can protect the health of producers and users.