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Types of Wallpaper

What types of wallpaper are available?

  • Inkjet Photo Pure Paper Wallpaper

    Pure paper wallpaper is directly printed and embossed on special heat-resistant paper.

    Advantages: Good environmental performance Disadvantages: Poor water and scrub resistance.

  • Inkjet Photo Paper Based Fabric Wallpaper

    Advantages: Paper based fabric wallpaper is made with paper as the bottom layer and woven with fibers such as silk, wool, cotton, and hemp as the top layer. It has good breathability, is non-toxic, static free, non fading, wear-resistant, and has soft colors, making it appear luxurious and elegant. Disadvantages: The fabric surface is prone to dust accumulation, difficult to clean, and expensive, and is often used for advanced indoor decoration.

  • Inkjet Realistic Non-woven Wallpaper

    Non woven wallpaper, also known as cloth pulp fiber or wood pulp fiber, is a new type of environmentally friendly wallpaper material that is currently popular internationally. A type of wallpaper made from natural plant fibers such as cotton and hemp through non-woven molding. It does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, or chlorine elements, with a soft visual effect and feel, and good breathability. Advantages: Non woven wallpaper has a velvet like appearance and a textured feel to the touch. Its characteristic is stable size and not easy to get dirty. Disadvantage: This wallpaper has fewer decors and is mostly in solid colors.

  • Spray Painted Photorealistic Pvc Wallpaper

    Paper based PVC wallpaper is currently a widely used product, with the main advantages of using polyvinyl chloride resin on its surface: it has relatively good wear resistance, pollution resistance, scrub resistance, mold resistance, aging resistance, and not easy to fade; Easy to clean. Disadvantages: Compared to pure paper in terms of realistic graphics and natural colors.

  • Inkjet Realistic Flocked Wallpaper

    Generally, there are three layers: the layer is a suede surface layer, the second layer is a glue surface layer, and the paper base is a pure mechanical wood pulp or non-woven paper base. The main feature is a soft surface and comfortable plush feel, suitable for bedroom tiling or living room background.