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About Flag Fabric

What Are The Flag Fabrics?

Commonly used flag fabrics can also be used as follows: Oxford cloth, 170g warp-knitted flag cloth, 220g warp-knitted flag cloth, 300g warp-knitted flag cloth, 300g thick polyester cloth, mesh cloth, satin cloth (silver carved cloth), polyester taffeta and so on.

Warp-knitted flag cloth is suitable for making beach flags and water-filled flags, and is also often used for printing high-end banners, giant flags, exhibition cloths, and net-drawing exhibition frames.

Chunyafang/flag cloth Chunyafang is a national flag cloth or polyester cloth, which is mainly used for printing national flags, factory flags, colorful flags, table flags and hanging flags, and can also be used for printing beach flags and water injection flags.

Mesh cloth, 110g warp-knitted flag cloth and 170g warp-knitted flag cloth have the same purpose and characteristics, and they all have the characteristics of wind resistance and no reeling. All three are commonly used to make beach flags, exhibition cloths, outdoor giant flags, high-end banners, etc.

300g thick polyester cloth and 220g warp-knitted cloth, which are mainly used to make indoor hanging flags and blare net display frames, are also completely overlapping;

Satin can also completely replace bright satin, but the texture of satin is softer and lighter than satin, and both of them have surface luster effect.

What Fabric Is The National Flag Made Of?

As the name implies, the national flag cloth spring Asian spinning is the fabric used to make the national flag. What fabrics are the spring Asian spinning divided into?

Chunya spinning fabric. The most common varieties are semi-elastic spring sub-spinning, full-elastic spring sub-spinning, dull spring sub-spinning, etc. In recent years, the textile industry in Shengze area has revised the fabric of Chunya Spinning. In addition to the use of dull yarn raw materials and weaving process innovation, it has also been extended in the post-treatment process of dyeing and finishing, which has increased its density, softer hand feel and more expanded functions.

What Fabric Is The Flag Cloth?

Flag cloth is one of the most widely used and demanding cloth consumables, which is mainly used for indoor and outdoor banners, flags, curtains, scenery pictures and so on. It is often called "banner cloth" because it uses synthetic fiber as the base material.

Flag fabric features: soft material, suitable for hanging.

Flag cloth uses solvent-based ink, which has good waterproof and outdoor weather resistance and is used for outdoor picture display. Among the photo materials of cloth, flag cloth is the most favorable one, because it is light in weight, good in effect and convenient for post-processing. At present, many outdoor pictures are made with flag cloth.

What Fabric Is Used For Flag Cloth Inkjet Printing?

There are many kinds of materials for cloth inkjet printing, such as canvas, double-transparent flag cloth, photo cloth, art cloth, banner cloth, grid cloth, silver carving cloth, etc. There are different types of inkjet cloth, and its function is different for different types.