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How Do We Define Green?

We are in the digital printing industry, it is a whole production process. So when we are talking about sustainable development, environmental goal, reducing CO2 emissions, energy saving, it is not just a single part. The whole life cycle of the graphic should be taken into consideration, from raw material to graphics disposal.

G-series come from this idea. The item should meet at least one standard in every process of the whole cycle, then it can become one of the G-series family.

Key Elements

  • 100% PVC Free: Reduce ocean and landfill pollution.

  • Recycled Yarn: Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission, and extend the yarn to 2nd life or may even a 3rd life.

  • Biodegradable: Natural degradation, reducing land burden.

  • Organic: Use of natural raw materials for sustainable development.

  • No Heavy Metal: Non-toxic to the soil.

  • Low Water Consume: Innovative water-saving technology which reduces 92%+ water than traditional processes.

  • Light Weight: Saving gasoline consume

  • Save Space: 3 to 6 times more quantity can be loaded

  • Display: No odor

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