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Subliamation Flag Textile For Sale

Things About Subliamation Flag Textile

  • What is sublimation printing?

    What is sublimation printing?

    Thermal sublimation technology uses thermal energy to transfer pigments onto printing media, and the intensity of each color is controlled by the temperature change of the printing head, with a maximum of 256 levels. Because pigments are applied to paper through the sublimation process, the fusion of the three primary colors can form a continuous color scale, which is much better than the ink drop effect of inkjet printing.

  • What is sublimation flag textile?

    What is sublimation flag textile?

    The sublimation flag fabric can be used to produce double transparent flags, high-definition colored banners, fabric prints, personalized patterns, etc. This banner flag material can be produced in small batches, personalized, and multiple varieties without quantity restrictions. The spray printed images are gorgeous and realistic, with a strong sense of color hierarchy. After being printed on this machine, the fabric has bright colors, good double transparency, and no color difference on both sides.