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Explore Advertising & Decoration Textile Solutions

  • Art Gallery Fabric

    To provide clients with the safest product supply system, we all adhere to the water-based environmental protection philosophy. The surface lines of the items we select are rough and three-dimensional.

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  • Exhibition Fabric Display

    The entire exhibition space may be covered with the digitally printed floor mat material, which also allows for flexible selection of different publicity color elements and free theme switching. This creates a more vibrant presentation than the usual monochrome floor mat.

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  • Restaurant & Hotel Upholstery Fabric

    We ensure that for items presented in public areas, the display screen won't be easily damaged, its consistency will be preserved to the greatest extent possible, and it may be shown to customers at any time in accordance with its original appearance.

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  • Out Of Home Advertising

    For example, our radiant refrigeration tent cloth can effectively withstand ultraviolet radiation and lower the outdoor temperature. Textile materials with specific capabilities can offer a better rest environment for outdoor employees.

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  • Retail Ad Fabric

    We may design a setting that is more suited to clients' demands and increase the likelihood that they will make purchases by mixing advertising and decorating with the overall spatial structure.

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  • JC Media All-round Advertising & Decoration Fabric Solution

    JC Media specializes in all forms of digital material production procedures, printing techniques, and quality standards that may suit all of your needs, from advertising to home décor.

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