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What Is Frontlit Textile?

  • What is:

    The front light cloth, as the name suggests, refers to the light hitting the front of the spray painted fabric image. The light cloth is mainly used for light boxes, storefront signs, and pillars, and has a wide range of applications. Light cloth can be seen everywhere, and shopping malls, shops, construction sites, hospitals, and large roadside columns are all covered with light cloth of all sizes. Due to the low cost and durability of lamp cloth, its usage rate in the advertising industry is very high, and its usage is large.

  • Basic application:

    Frontlit textiles are often used in fabric watching ads in outdoor advertising, as they are resistant to weather conditions like rain and UV exposure. They are also lightweight and easy to handle, making them suitable for large-format installations. In addition, frontlit textiles can be easily folded, rolled, or transported, making them convenient for trade shows and events.

How Is Frontlit Textile Different From Other Textiles?

Spray printed fabric is a general term for the fabric used in spray painting, which includes lightbox fabric. Lightbox fabric belongs to a type of spray printed fabric and is used for lightboxes. Lightbox fabric includes: front light fabric and back light fabric. Front light fabric is also a type of lightbox fabric.