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Classification And Materials Of Common Hanging Flags

Hanging flag is a kind of flag, which is mostly used to show corporate culture or for advertising. We can see many flags in our daily life: supermarkets, shopping malls and outdoor places abound.

  • Material: flags are mostly made of soft materials, such as cloth and paper. There are many kinds of fabrics, nylon cloth is often used, and high-grade fabrics include peach skin velvet and satin.   

  • Size: The size of the flag varies, which is generally determined according to the indoor height. The small ones are twenty or thirty centimeters, and the large ones are several meters or even tens of meters. Generally, the vertical ones are more. The shape is square and round, the top is mostly square, and the tail can be shaped according to the specific situation.

The Common Classification Of Hanging Flags

Indoor double-sided flag

Shopping mall double-sided big flag spray painting, can spray painting on both sides, advertising effect is good, the picture is not curled and flat. It is a classic case of hanging flags in the atrium of shopping malls. It is also widely used in curtains of banks, hotels and office buildings, as well as light pole flags, which can not only advertise, but also shade. Suitable for hanging on both sides in 4S shops, exhibition centers, shopping halls, hanging flags in stores, background cloth for commercial promotion, publicity of commercial exhibitions, etc.

Advertising bunting

Advertising bunting refers to a mixture of monochrome flags of various colors. They are brightly colored and colorful, mainly used in school sports meetings, festive festivals, squares, company opening, shopping malls, exhibitions and so on.

Generally set up outdoors, with outdoor activities or advertising display.

Knife flag

Knife flag is named after its shape. It is a flag shaped like a knife. It is also called outdoor rotating screen or feather flag, or fan flag. It is a display prop for outdoor exhibitions. However, modern street lamp advertising flags are mostly square.

Knife flag advertising flagpole, knife-shaped telescopic advertising flag, whether there is wind or no wind, can be extended, easy to watch; On the beach, the grass is inserted into the ground with a drill, and the cement floor is equipped with a cross base, a water bag or a sandbag.

Beach flag

Beach flags can be used for advertising, for example, in outdoor squares, as well as real estate and car dealers.

As an outdoor advertisement, it is bright, eye-catching, concise, mobile and has strong visibility, which not only increases the active atmosphere of the whole street, brightens the road, but also plays a good role in advertising.

Commonly Used Materials For Hanging Flags

Double-sided breathable flag cloth

It is breathable, and the most commonly used flag fabrics are often used for making: water injection flag, hand-waving flag, colorful flag, hanging flag, beach flag, tour guide flag, table flag and standard flag.

Mesh cloth

Air permeability is better than flag cloth. The flags of Volkswagen are all made of mesh cloth, which is often used as advertising banners abroad.

Tribute satin

It is similar to breathable flag cloth, but its use is wider and the material quality is better than breathable flag cloth. It is often used as ceremonial articles such as ribbon-cutting and ribbons, and can also be used to make hanging flags.