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What Is the Common Material Used for Flags?

  • Chunya Textile

    The most commonly used flag fabric, almost all flags can be customized with Chunya Textile fabric, such as water filled flags.

  • Warp Knitted Fabric

    With good breathability, this banner flag material is mainly used for making promotional flags such as beach flags and advertising knife flags.

  • Mesh Fabric

    It has better air permeability than warp knitted fabric. Volkswagen's knives and flags are made of mesh fabric, which is commonly used for fabric watching ads banners in foreign countries.

What Is the Difference Between a Digital Print and a Screen Print?

The effects of digital printing and screen printing are of course very different, as they use completely different technologies. Digital printing is the use of digital image processing technology, using laser printing to print very exquisite patterns on clothing, while screen printing is the use of stain printing technology to print monochromatic patterns on clothing. From the perspective of printing effect, the patterns printed with digital printing are clear and distinguishable, while the patterns printed with screen printing are relatively blurry, and the printing effect on clothing is not obvious. To have a more obvious and long-lasting printing pattern, banner fabric manufacturers usually recommend to use digital printing technology.