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What Types of Photo Frames Are Available?

  • PS frame (foam frame)

    PS frame (foam frame)

    This photo frame is made of polymer materials and is processed using high-tech and special techniques. The surface of the frame can be designed according to any color or texture desired by customers, and has characteristics such as moisture resistance, moth resistance, and resistance to deformation.

  • PVC Frame

    PVC Frame

    PVC frame has bright color, corrosion resistance, firmness, durability and other characteristics. Due to the addition of plasticizer and anti-aging agent in the manufacturing process, it has heat resistance, good toughness and strong ductility.

  • Acrylic Frame

    Acrylic Frame

    This is a stylish and aesthetically pleasing frame with excellent transparency and resistance to aging, making it less prone to discoloration and aging. Its specific gravity is less than half that of ordinary glass, and it is not easy to break because the acrylic material has quite good resistance to fragmentation. In addition, it has good insulation and mechanical strength, and strong corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, and salts.