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Exhibition Fabric Display

Indoor Advertising-Exhibition Scheme

  • In terms of material selection, we all follow the concept of water-based environmental protection to provide customers with the safest product supply scheme;

  • Choose 5-meter-wide interior light box display cloth, and display the vertical double-sided light box without splicing, instead of the original plate construction method, and at the same time bring customers a shocking visual effect experience.

  • You can also choose a 5-meter-wide stretched frame display cloth, and a non-spliced full-shading stretched frame background cloth to efficiently complete the construction of the display.

  • We can choose advertising materials with different elastomers, and install them with different shapes according to the customer's building model, instead of the original hard and straight feeling of plate splicing, and more retain the soft texture of the cloth, perfectly showing the customer's picture effect.

  • Various assembly accessories for publicity and display can display the effect from different visual angles and logics; We can provide flagpole, Yi Labao, dragnet display frame, vertical light box, A-shaped display frame, universal pole and other combined display modes for customers to choose from.

  • The digitally printed floor mat material can cover the whole exhibition area, and can flexibly select various publicity color elements and freely switch the theme of the exhibition; Instead of the traditional monochrome floor mat, the display is more colorful.

Exhibition Fabric Display