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Faq of Wall Covering

  • What are the benefits of using wall coverings?

    Wallcovering is a wall decoration material. Wall coverings are also a relatively good decorative material for wall surfaces during home decoration and decoration

    The advantages are: firstly, it has multiple styles and good decorative effects; secondly, it is environmentally friendly and odorless; thirdly, it is sound-absorbing and soundproof; fourthly, it is seamless splicing; fifthly, it has good durability

  • How do to choose the suitable wall covering?

    The first priority must be safety issues, and if there is a pungent smell, give up;

    The selected wallpaper should be consistent with your decoration style as much as possible;

    Material and feel are also very important;

    You can consider the material, feel, pattern, color, and other aspects of the wallpaper according to your personal preferences