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First Quarter On-Site Meeting

Supply chain center-production management department

Production Management Department

On the afternoon of April 15th, Jiacheng Digital Production Management Department organized workshops and sections to hold the on-site summary commendation meeting in the first quarter of 2023.

Analysis of company objectives

Analysis Of Company Objectives

Zhao Xiangkun, director of the production management department, summarized the work of each workshop in the first quarter, analyzed the problems in the manufacturing process, summarized the improvement projects in the first quarter, made arrangements for the key work and the goals to be achieved in April, and announced the performance rankings of each workshop, section and team in the first quarter.

The workshop directors report the improvement projects and measures in the first quarter, and expound the key objectives and work plans for next month.

Summarize The Meeting

Liu Jie, director of the Supply Chain Center, made a summary and encouraged everyone to unite and work together. People are diligent and spring comes early, and it is the right time to forge ahead. Strive to achieve the goal of improving the comprehensive efficiency OEE to 80% in April-May.

  • Award Ceremony

Excellent Workshop: Second Coating Workshop

Second Coating Workshop

Excellent section: cloth washing section

Cloth Washing Section