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Company Profile

Shandong Jiacheng Digital Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. With specialized knowledge, innovation and technology of fabric advertisement, Jiacheng Digital has established the brand "JC Media ”—a leading brand in the digital textile industry. 

High performance, artistry and sustainability are required at every step of the production process, as well as for the products themselves, JC Media provides unparalleled textile concepts for its customers worldwide.

JC Media

Our Philosophy

  • Responsibility

Interpretation: We should identify with the organizational goals and take the lead in doing our own work; Dare to take responsibility in the face of difficulties; Aggressive, dare to challenge the goal. We should not show fear and retreat in the face of goals and difficulties, or make excuses and excuses to try to avoid responsibility.

  • Cooperate

Interpretation: we should agree that organizational performance is higher than departmental and individual performance; In order to achieve the best organizational performance, face the help of others, be brave in sacrificing the interests of departments and individuals, be happy with the beauty of adults, and always show the collective view and the overall situation. We should not give priority to the interests of departments and individuals everywhere, and we are used to drawing circles, kicking the ball and passing the buck for others' help.

  • High-efficiency

Interpretation: We should efficiently complete our own work and cooperate with others for help. Complete the promised tasks or the collaborative needs of others on time and with high quality; Do things every day, the day is clear and the day is high. Don't respond to the promised work, or don't give feedback, communicate or report, or put it off again and again, or don't ask for the quality of work, and deal with it.

  • Innovate

Interpretation: We should always keep the spirit of not being satisfied with the status quo, continuous improvement and continuous progress. Affirm, praise and encourage the improvement of innovation behavior, and tolerate the mistakes caused by insufficient understanding of problems in the process of innovation. We should not only find fault with the behavior of improvement and innovation, but also sneer at or simply criticize the shortcomings and mistakes in the process of improvement and innovation.

Corporate mission: add color to the world, add color to values: act as a collaborative and efficient innovation


Our factory's strict quality control procedures ensure that all our digital printing material solutions are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Every roll of products is inspected, tested and packaged by our R&D personnel before leaving our warehouse, so as to ensure that every roll of products we deliver is of the highest quality. Through continuous innovation, we will build a better, more reliable, safer and more environmentally-friendly sustainable world.