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Canvas Application Scheme

Canvas is a kind of cloth used to draw oil paintings by coating a specific cloth base to prevent oil, solvent and water from penetrating. In the graphic industry, it is often used as interior decoration business, just like PP adhesive and non-woven wallpaper.

Types of Canvas

Oil canvas materials have different styles of products because of different fabrics, so their forms of expression are also different. Canvas can be divided into flax oil canvas, pure cotton canvas, chemical fiber (polyester) canvas, cotton and linen (55% hemp, 45% cotton) canvas according to materials.

According to the classification of coatings, canvas can also be weak solvent highlight, weak solvent matte, water-based highlight, water-based matte and so on. Because HP Latex ink belongs to water-based latex ink in essence, it is more suitable for printing water-based high-gloss and matte canvas.

In addition to the above materials, there is also a removable adhesive canvas on the market recently, which is made by researchers applying a layer of adhesive on the canvas. Its advantage is that it can be directly pasted, which is convenient for advertising construction and can be used for various indoor wall stickers or wallpapers.

Characteristics of Canvas

● The cloth surface is smooth and bright, with high coating fastness, water resistance and oil resistance;

High strength, good ductility, strong flexibility, strong fabric surface, no cracking and excellent aging resistance;

● Support high-precision image printout, with high image resolution, bright printing colors and good oil painting texture.

Third, the application of canvas:

Professional exhibition halls have very high requirements for printing materials, so the canvas materials used in the exhibition halls generally use weak solvent matte chemical fiber canvas.

In addition, canvas can be used for hanging pictures of X-frame, Yi Labao and other display equipment, as well as for stage background, artistic photos, wedding photos, interior decoration, venue layout of exhibition halls, reproduction of high-grade oil paintings, commodity display background, commercial posters and so on.