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Types of Tent Textile

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing A Tent Textile?

  • Overall consideration

    When using tent textile, consideration should be given to flame retardancy, waterproofing, weather resistance, water pressure resistance, etc. Judgments should be made based on the usage scenario.

  • Water resistance

    Ensure that the tent textile has effective water resistance or waterproofing capabilities. Look for fabrics with a high hydrostatic head rating, which indicates how water-resistant the fabric is. Seam sealing and water-repellent coatings can also enhance water resistance.

  • Breathability

    While water resistance is important, it's also crucial for the tent textile to be breathable to prevent condensation build-up inside the tent. Look for materials with breathable properties that allow moisture to escape while maintaining comfort inside.

  • UV Resistance

    Sunlight and UV rays can cause fabric degradation over time. Choose a tent textile that has UV-resistant properties to ensure longevity and prevent color fading or weakening of the fabric.

How Do I Know If A Tent Fabric Is Breathable?

Our spray painted tent fabric is only suitable for short-term advertising display and cannot meet the breathability requirements. If this tent advertising fabric has a certain degree of breathability, it will leak water and is not suitable for outdoor advertising display.