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Determinants Of Computer Inkjet Quality

Nowadays, computer inkjet technology has been widely used in the advertising industry, and its rich color expression, fast production process and long-lasting sun resistance have brought vitality to the whole industry. At present, there are three main factors that determine the quality of computer inkjet printing.

A Computer Inkjet Printer

Its general household indoor machine and outdoor machine are two kinds.

Inkjet Consumables

It is an important factor affecting the quality of inkjet printing. Inkjet consumables are divided into inkjet ink and inkjet medium (commonly known as inkjet cloth).

Inkjet ink is generally divided into three categories: imported original, imported bulk and domestic bulk. At present, domestic bulk ink is the most widely used.

The ink-jet medium is lighted outside and inside. The varieties are inkjet cloth, lamp box cloth, adhesive film, film, lamp film, photographic paper and so on. Because there are many kinds of related media involved, the effect and price are also different.

The Operating Technical Level Of Inkjet Printing

The level of operation technology, whether in the early stage of color correction and proofing or in the later stage of connection processing, can affect the final effect of inkjet printing. At present, in the domestic inkjet industry, the most important step in the inkjet process-color correction, is basically manual. On the terminal computer of inkjet system, the operator of drawing must make computer proofing and color correction according to the current performance of the machine, the inkjet cloth and ink used to determine the final color effect. This kind of artificial subjective operation inevitably brings the deviation in the production process.

In order to make up for this deviation, inkjet printing companies will continue to provide targeted technical post training for employees, so that inkjet printing work can better meet the various requirements of customers. Generally speaking, skilled employees can bring out richer colors in a limited color range and chase out more accurate color values. This will undoubtedly create more colorful and unique outdoor advertisements for us and provide the strongest technical support.