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  • smooth stretch fabric
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  • frontlit fabric aa301
  • smooth stretch fabric
  • smooth stretch woven
  • frontlit fabric aa301

Smooth Stretch Fabric AA301

Heavy Knitted Display Fabric AA203 is a premium-quality polyester fabric designed for creating displays, pop-ups, and backdrops. It features a warp-knitted 2 bar weave method with yarn of 75D*75D, ensuring its strength and stability. This fabric has a weight of 230±10gsm and a thickness of 510±50μm, resulting in excellent opacity (≥85%) and whiteness (165±10). This fabric is ideal for sublimation printing with recommended fixation temperatures between 190-200℃ for 45 seconds. The fabric boasts high elasticity, with warp (10±3)% and weft (12±3)%, making it perfect for various irregular display forms. The fabric's colour is L:88.5±2.0; a:8.5±2.0; b:-19.5±2.0, producing vivid and accurate prints that are perfect for high-quality displays.


Specifications of Smooth Stretch Fabric AA301

Base Material100% PolyesterDIN 60001,ASTM D7641
Yarn75D*40D*40DDIN EN 2060,ASTM D1907
Weave MethodWarp-knitted 3 bar---
ColorL:88.0±2.0; a:9.0±2.0; b:-20.0±2.0---
ElasticityWarp:(6±3)% Weft:(3±2)%Length*Width=200*50mm,Speed=100mm/min,Tension=20N
Yellowing △E≤2200°C,45s
Flame ResistanceDIN 4102-1 B1,NFPA 701DIN 4102-1 B1,NFPA 701
Recommend Fixation Temperature190-200℃,45s---
Yellowing Temperature≥210℃SUPRKC REX-C400,30s


Smooth Stretch Fabric AA301 Size
Width1.60 m/2.60 m/3.20 mStandardDIN EN ISO 3759, ASTM D751-2006
Length50mStandardDIN EN ISO 3759, ASTM D751-2006

Compatible Inks

Compatible Inks
Dye-sub TransferDye-sub Direct

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