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  • mesh banner with liner
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Mesh PVC Banner AD502

The Mesh PVC Banner AD502 is another example of a banner material that is made of PVC coated fabric with a circular mesh. PVC advertising mesh fabric refers to a process treatment that involves solvents or water dissolving the coating particles like PVC, A/C adhesive, PU adhesive, and PE adhesive into a liquid state. It is then spread onto the fabric, which could be made of cotton, nylon, polyester, or other materials, using circular mesh, scraper, or roller to ensure uniformity. After the application of the coating, it is dried and cured in an oven to form a layer of cover adhesive on the fabric's surface. The resulting material is exceptionally durable and has waterproof, windproof, and moderate vapor-permeable features. The Mesh PVC Banner AD502 is commonly utilized for indoor/outdoor advertising and building wraps. Its lightweight and wind-resistant properties make it an ideal choice for such applications. Thanks to its excellent properties and the PVC mesh fabric production process, AD502 is a reliable solution for creating top-quality printing materials that are both long-lasting and eye-catching.


Specifications of Mesh PVC Banner AD502

Yarn1000D*1000D,12*12DIN EN ISO 2060,ASTM D1907
Weave MethodWarp-knitted---
ColorL*: 89.0±2.0; a*: 3.0±2.0; b*: -6.5±2.0---
Tensile StrengthMD:≥1500N/5cm CD:≥1500N/5cm---
Tear StrengthMD:≥120N/5cm CD:≥120N/5cm---
Flame ResistanceNO---


Mesh PVC Banner AD502 Size
Width2.6 m/3.2 m/5 mStandardDIN EN ISO 3759, ASTM D751-2006
Length50 mStandardDIN EN ISO 3759, ASTM D751-2006

Compatible Inks

Compatible Inks
SolventEco solventUV

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