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  • textil deco aa911
  • fabric suede
  • deco textil aa911
  • textil deco aa911

Faux Suede Fabric AA911

Faux Suede Fabric AA911 is perfect for creating throw pillows, home furnishings, and gaming tables. Made of 100% polyester with a warp-knitted 3 bar weave method, it has a weight of 220±15gsm and a thickness of 550±50μm. This deco textile has an opacity of over 80%, a whiteness of 150±10, and a color of L*: 92.0±2.0; a*: 7.0±2.0; b*: -16.0±3.0. Available in widths of up to 1.524 m and a length of 50 m, the fabric has a shrinkage rate of less than 2%. It is recommended to fix it at a temperature of 190-200℃ for 45 seconds. With a warp elasticity of (4±2)% and weft elasticity of (4±2)%, it is strong and durable. The fabric is not flame-resistant. To ensure product quality, it should be stored in the original packaging, sealed, and placed horizontally to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat sources. The recommended storage temperature and humidity are 15°C [59°F] ~ 35°C [95°F], 20 ~ 65% RH. Under these conditions, the product has a shelf life of up to 1 year.


Specifications of Faux Suede Fabric AA911

Base Material100% PolyesterDIN 60001,ASTM D7641
Yarn50D*50D*75DDIN EN 2060,ASTM D1907
Weave MethodWarp-knitted 3 bar---
ColorL*: 92.0±2.0; a*: 7.0±2.0; b*: -16.0±3.0---
ElasticityWarp:(4±2)% Weft:(4±2)%Length*Width=200*50mm,Speed=100mm/min,Tension=20N
Flame ResistanceNO---
Recommend Fixation Temperature190-200℃,45s---
Yellowing Temperature≥210℃SUPRKC REX-C400,30s


Faux Suede Fabric AA911 Size
Width≤1.524 mStandardDIN EN ISO 3759, ASTM D751-2006
Length50 mStandardDIN EN ISO 3759, ASTM D751-2006

Compatible Inks

Compatible Inks
Dye-sub TransferDye-sub Direct

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